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Prayer Corner

The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much.
                                               James 5:16b.

Prayer is one of the most important ministries we can have


A time that we can set aside to be alone with our heavenly Father, a time that we can talk to Him face to face, knowing that He hears every word that we have said to Him, and He wants each one of us to spend time alone with Him in prayer.
Jesus taught to each one of us the importance of prayer.
Throughout the gospels Jesus spent many hours alone with His Father praying. Prayer Ministry is a ministry that each one of us, can, and should be involved in.
May we encourage all our Christian brothers and sisters to pray for those who are physically and spiritually hurting. If you would like prayers for anyone and would like us to add their prayers to our Prayer Corner.
We would ask that you fill in the prayer request details on the Contact Us page and send them through to us. Each prayer will be listed for thirty days unless you would like to extend this time. We would ask that every Christian visiting our site would join us in lifting each one up in prayer, and that each one ofus will be strengthened in this spiritual battle.
May the Lord Bless you all in this wonderful Ministry.
Bishop Rev Dr Dennis Hayes

Prayer Request

Please complete the form below with your prayer requests.

If you would like me to pray with you by email, I would be happy to do so.

After you have completed the form please press the Send link which will send your request to me.

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Many blessings

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