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The Opening of our New Medical Clinic in Shitoto Kenya

If you would like to help in anyway we would be very happy to receive your donations. God bless you alway.


Bishop Rev Dr Dennis Hayes,

Church For All Nations

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Church For All Nations church clinic

It has always been a privilege to serve the people of Kenya and has been a very special and wonderful gift from God, we must always give to Him the Praise and the glory.

One of the visions that we believe that the Holy Spirit has given to us to fulfill is to eventually build a medical centre complete with a children's ward.

Until the day that we have achieved the completion of this building, people are still  becoming seriously ill and many are dying simply because they can't afford to pay the hospital fees.

We are now stepping in to fill this gap by offering free medical assisstance and advise once each month. This clinic will continue by the Grace of God until we have raised the funds needed to build our medical centre and children's ward.

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