Evangelism Pakistan

Extending our Church into the country of Pakistan has been both and a priviledge to work with the people of Pakistan who have found a true life and joy in Jesus Christ.

Pakistan is a wonderful country but unfotunately has not been allowed to grow under the Islamic Regim, but it is only through the truth that their hearts will be set free; And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. John 8:32

Church For All Nations in Pakistan is overseen by our church Cordinator for Pakistan Bishop John Flair John who also works closely with our team of Pastors in Pakistan. Since starting our first church branch in the wonderful country our ministry has grown to over a dozen church branches with many house churches.

This could only havebeen achieved by the hard work of our tem of evangelist whose sole aim is to bring the love of Jesus Christ into the hearts of the people of Pakistan.

Founder Church For All Nations: Bishop Rev Dr Dennis Hayes UK Headquarters


Our International Coordinator, Bishop Silas Chibole Amulundu Church For All Nations Headquarters, Shitoto, Kenya, East Africa.

Coordinator in Pakistan; Bisho John Flair John.