A young girl kneeling before the alter with hands together amd eyes closed in pray.

Jesus loves you

A young girl, dressed in white kneeling in prayer at the church Altar. On the Altar are five lit candles



Welcome, and thank you for visting Church For All Nations church online.

We hope and pray that our website highlights the different variety of opportunities available for seving our Lord within His church.

Please feel free to read more about our church on this site or come and visit us at our new church and headquarters in Kenya.

We would love to see you and to greet you all in the love of Jesus.

It has been a privilage to be able to transfer our Church For All Nations headquarters to Shitoto in Kenya.

Our Mission


Our mission and our vision at Church For All Nations is to Reach every Nation with the love of Christ Jesus. To fulfil our mission we continue to train Christians in Evangelism and to plant churches in every City, Town and Village.

As Jesus sent out His disciples we will endevour to send out our workers into the field where the field is ripe unto harvest.

Jesus Christ died for the sins of the world, it is now upto each one of us to take this message of His love to every man, woman and child throughout the entire world.



One of our most important ministries within our church is performing the marriage between a Man and a Woman, a union that God has blessed; as it is written within the bible: For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh. Genesis 2:24

Have a Wonderful


Blessed Week

       Special Notice


United Kigdom still remains in Lock-Down and all will remain closed

Once the churches have reopened the congregation will not be allowed to sing during the services.

Please continue to pray for this situation.



Daily Bible Readings

New American Standard Bible 


Owe nothing to anyone except to love one another; for the one who loves his neighbor has fulfilled the Law.

Romans 13:8

All Scripture is inspired by God



2 Timothy 3:16

Gift of Love

One young hand that is holding a white and purple flower and is passing the flowers in love to another hand.

With this Ring, I Thee Wed

The groom is putting the ring on the finger of his bride.

Daily bible readings.

          Read the bible in one year.

Join us in growing in your faith by reading God's Holy Word.

17 April 2021


Day 315: Jeremiah 50; Hebrews 9


Full Scripture verses on our sermon page.

Although you may find some of the words hard to pronounce, don't give up and persevere as it does become easier as you continue your daily readings.

Just Married

For this reason a man shall leave his father and his mother, and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.

Genesis 2:24

May our Lord Jesus Christ
Bless you all on this Beautiful
 17 April 2021
May God richly bless your day
Today, and always



Welcome to our Website, we hope and pray that you will be blessed by what you see and that you will go away rejoicing in our Lord, always giving to Him the Praise and the Glory




Covid 19 Pandemic

Update 14 February 2021

The Christian church is now facing a challenge that it has never before experienced. A pandemic that has managed in the past to close the doors to every church and meeting place.

Since our last update churches have been allowed to open under all government rules and regulations.

Many Churches and Cristians throughout the world have used the technologies that God has blessed us with and Church For All Nations have encouraged everyone to use.

There are now many ways, using podcast or zoom for your meetings or even televising your messages.

Let every Christian move forward in spreading the gospel with the technology at hand and win souls for Jesus.

Covid 19 vaccines are now available in many countries of the world, please remember that this vaccine is only a prevention and not a cure.

Once you have reveived your two vaccinations you must continue to wear a face mask and keep to social distancing of 2 metres apart which is 6ft 6" apart.


Please Join us in our

Continued Prayer

Joining hands in prayer across the oceans for the healing of our Nations.

From the

14th September 2020

Thank you.

A new well at our headquarters in Kenya

 Dedication of our new Well

It is with our heartfelt thanks to Wordwalk, Kenya for their generosity in sinking this well which will allow the residents of Shitoto access to clean drinking water, for probably the first time in their lives.

We thank God for their love for the people of Kenya and their loving support to Church For All Nations, Shitoto, Kenya.

May our Lord richly bless you all and you ministry.

Dedication Plaque on our Well at Shitoto, Kenya

A Prayer of Celebration

Feeding the Elderly

Family in Need

If you would like us to pray for you, or any special prayer requests please send your request through our     Contacts Us Page
Thank you

The gift of free sanitary towels and soap to the school girls of Kenya

Handing out free packets of Sanitary Towels, a bar of soap

and the wondergul news of Jesus

Christ is Risen

Easter Blessings

Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid 19)

NHS (National Health Service)

We are now facing in every country of the world a pandemic that that this world has never been through before. The covid 19 virus infects any person who has come into contact with any infected person, it doesn't distinguish between rich and poor, young or old but could prove fatel to anyone who has contracted this virus.

The governments of every country have had difficult choices to make to save as many lives as they could until a vaccination can be found. One thing for certain is that our lives will never be the same ever again.


In the UK our NHS staff which include every hospital worker who have all worked very hard and for many hours each and every day to save lives, putting their own lives at risk to do so. Once every week the people of the UK stand outside of their homes to applaud, the NHS workers, but during this imergency the NHS is very short of funding for the work that they need to do to save lives. We at Children of the World for Christ Ministries and Church For All Nations would like to say


THANK YOU, may our Lord bless you all and keep you all safe and well.

Latest News

Some of our ministry in Kenya is still moving forward in the Lord. We are now taking food and face masks to the elderly and the poor but we are desperately short of fuds. Please continue to pray for our caring ministry.

The time of Lock-Down has been a time of future planning, but all plans must be to the will of God and the prompting of the Holy Spirit.


To evangelise and to break the chains of sin to five million people in Kenya. Please continue to pray that our Lord's will be done.

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Pastor, wearing a cross and chain and holding the Bible with two hands, close to his chest.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. John 1:1

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